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The company employs over 1000 people in its Office, Restaurants and Factory and over 100 in its retail sector.

Professionals are being employed in various departments of outlets like sweets, restaurant and bakery secton.

The people specialized in making namkeen and sweets from diverse regions of the country are employed in our factory.

The company’s Sales force is designated in various States for marketing and product placement in the retail stores all over India.

In the factory level different Heads in various departments are appointed to maintain the best of quality and hygiene.

Company had its own food testing lab in its factory. The qualified lab technician and quality expert is also appointed who looks after the quality of raw materials as well as finished products to maintain similar taste and quality. Different parameters are set for all products and the materials.

Managers at different Level of Management are recruited and they are the real force behind the success of our company. It’s their efforts, which have helped our company to reach the new high and achieve the Glory and success.

The Brand is continuously innovating products and packaging to increase its share in the market and to fight the competition.

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